Webinar for experts March 29th

Theme 1

19:30Prof Eric Van Cutsem – Prof Karin DahanWelcome
19:35Prof Karin DahanRecommendations for the surveillance and management of Lynch syndrome
19:45Prof Kathleen Claes & Dr Pieter DemetterGenetic and Pathological exams for diagnostics of hereditary digestive cancer
20:00Prof Frederik HesThe use of lab results in diagnosis of hereditary digestive cancer (case study)
20:10 Dr Anne BoucquiauThe importance of screening and guidelines
20:15 Discussion

Theme 2

20:45Dr Gabriele BislenghiNovel surgical techniques for hereditary colon cancer : Strategies to improve oncological and functional outcomes.
20:55Prof Pierre DeprezLong term outcomes and clinical impact of endoscopic resection in patients with familial adenomatous polyposis and duodenal tumors.
21:10Prof Eric Van CutsemNew treatments options and indications with immunotherapy for MSI-H colon cancer
21:20Prof Sabine TejparNew insights in immune mechanisms /classification in colon
21:30 Discussion

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